Game of Golf Institute (GOGI) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to advance the growth and advocacy of recreational golf, especially among youth, women and those under-served by the game.


  • Helps recreational golfers improve faster, build relationships and share their golf journey in one unique community through free game improvement solutions and social tools.
  • Connects recreational golfers with a global support network of golf professionals and golf organizations.
  • Advocates on behalf of the recreational golfer to help advance the enjoyment, popularity and growth of golf.


GOGI’s Founding Team is comprised of golf and business professionals. We are passionate about the game of golf and appreciative of how the game has positively impacted and shaped our lives. We desire for golf to thrive and make a positive impact on others.

However, the game of golf is at a critical point in its history as it faces a number of challenges affecting its growth and viability including evolving lifestyles, time constraints, economic pressures and declining female and youth participation. In addition, key technology trends such as social networks and mobile applications are rapidly changing how society interacts, learns, works and communicates, especially among our tech-savvy youth. With an “always on” lifestyle, today’s consumer expects real-time access, no-hassle services, simplified information and connected relationships on-demand, anywhere, cheaply and efficiently. Unfortunately, these expectations are often at odds with the game of golf’s traditional model.

GOGI is attempting to address these challenges and trends by applying a free and integrated set of game improvement and social engagement tools to serve the core needs and expectations of today’s recreational golfer. With GOGI, recreational golfers learn faster, more easily connect and build relationships and share their golf experiences in a single, unique community. GOGI also connects recreational golfers to the golf professionals (coaches, instructors) and groups (golf clubs, associations, golf teams and more) that support them.

By helping the game of golf adapt, our goal is to help promote and grow the game by providing today’s golfer with a richer, efficient and more engaging experience. Our goal is not to inherently change the game itself, but simply bridge the tradition and life-enriching values of golf with modern lifestyles.


Our solutions are provided in multiple formats and channels to match the needs of recreational golfers when and where they need it.


The GOGI website (www.mygogi.org) serves as the GOGI member’s “home base” and aggregates pertinent information and services in one place, including:

  • Member and group profiles
  • Personal and group videos, photos and documents
  • Scorecard data entry, capture and statistics
  • Swing analysis tools
  • Comprehensive Learning Center featuring world-class golf instruction
  • Tools to help form and manage relationships with members and groups
  • Messaging and journaling tools
  • Ability to form and participate in personal and organizational golf groups
  • Ability to schedule and participate in events (foursomes, practice sessions, social events and tournaments)
  • Automated lessons and recommendations


Our mobile applications – Tee to Green Pro and Swing Pro – complement and synchronize with the GOGI website to ensure your information is always up to date.

Tee to Green Pro provides you the ability to:

  • Score rounds and track stats
  • Access easy to absorb on-course golf tips for all the key golf shots
  • Download and review high definition golf instructional videos at your leisure
  • Capture and upload your golf photos to your GOGI website profile

Swing Pro provides you the ability to:

  • Record, analyze, share and compare your golf swing
  • Access easy to absorb golf practice drills and fitness exercises
  • Download and review high definition golf instructional and fitness videos at your leisure
  • Capture and upload your golf videos to your GOGI website profile


GOGI’s solutions are built for recreational golfers and the golf professionals and groups that support and interact with them.


We are just getting started. Upcoming solutions include:

  • Enhanced Learning Center featuring videos on mental game, course strategy and Junior Golf instruction
  • Customized group pages for Junior, High School and College golf programs
  • Virtual trophies, awards and incentives to play more golf
  • Advanced “Journaling” tools to categorize, organize and access golf content and memories (scorecards, notes, photos, videos and more)
  • Ability to add and customize your own golf course settings for stats tracking
  • Ability to benchmark and compare your progress and stats with others

GOGI is YOUR solution and YOUR platform to raise your game and share your journey. So, please provide us feedback on how you would like to see GOGI evolve.

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