Interact with Your Golf Friends and Groups

GOGI makes it easy to connect and engage with your
golf relationships as well as make new ones.

Find and Interact with Friends and Instructors

Connect, schedule golf events, form groups and share golf photos, videos and swings with friends. Use GOGI search tools to find other golf friends and instructors meeting your criteria.

Create, Find and Interact with Golf Groups

Form personal groups with friends, organize golf activities and share your experiences together. Find and join other golf groups (courses, clubs, associations) aligned with your preferences or passions.

Engage Your Connections

GOGI messaging tools makes it easy to engage your friend and group relationships. Send and receive personal and group messages and comments on photos, videos, events, scorecards and more.

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Organize Your Golf Calendar

Schedule and track personal, friend and group events with GOGI’s event planning tools. Sync events to your Outlook, Google and other calendars.

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