Help Shape the Future of Golf

Join other like-minded golf professionals who desire to be the best they can be for their students, facilities and careers.

Network and Share Ideas with a Global Network of Golf Professionals

Connect and interact with other golf instructors and professionals. Give and receive advice on growing your business, advancing your career and instruction best practices.

Promote Your Personal Brand

Complete your profile page for the world to see. Highlight and share your accomplishments, experience and teaching approach. Interact with current students and gain new students.

Pinpoint Student Development Areas

Analyze student stats and provide deeper insight on problem areas.

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Serve Students Beyond the Course

With GOGI Swing Analysis tools, your students can upload and route their swing to your attention. From there, you can analyze, annotate and re-route feedback to students.

Create and Participate in Groups

Create groups for any function – student groups, Junior programs, staff, golf club, knowledge sharing and more.

You can even create and brand your own golf instructional group and instructional video library.

Centralize Communications with Students and Groups in One Place

Whether communicating with individuals or groups, GOGI’s messaging tools allow you to send messages, provide feedback, create events and synchronize calendars simply and efficiently in one place.

Share and Access Photos, Videos and Documents

Share photos and videos with friends, students, golf clubs, instructional groups and associations.

Upload and share key documents such as schedules, notes, newsletters, policies and more.

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