Powerful social and game improvement tools

GOGI is designed to help you – and the instructors and groups that support you – along every stage of your golf journey. Use the tools you need to help you accomplish your goals.

Summarize Your Golf Activity in One Page

“My Caddy” displays all your key golf activity in one place including upcoming events, friend activity, recommended lessons, stats and recent golf photos and videos.

Simple Score Entry, Tour Quality Stats

Enter your score in seconds with our free Tee to Green app or from your desktop. Share your scorecard with friends on GOGI, Facebook or Twitter. Receive key stats and pinpoint development areas.

Analyze and Share Golf Swings

Record and upload swings with our free Swing Pro app or other camera. Analyze your swing frame by frame, compare against friend and pro swings and use drawing tools to check mechanics. Share your swing with friends and instructors for immediate feedback.

Share Your Golf Memories

Capture, upload and comment on your golf photos and videos with GOGI’s free mobile apps or your desktop. Share with friends on GOGI, Facebook and Twitter.

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Tour-Proven Instruction for All Phases of the Game

The GOGI Learning Center is your go-to resource for visual and easy to absorb golf lessons from tee to green. Includes golf basics, advanced shots, faults & fixes, golf fitness exercises and pro video library.

Find and Interact with Friends and Instructors

Connect, schedule golf events, form groups and share golf photos, videos and swings with friends. Use GOGI search tools to find other golf friends and instructors meeting your criteria.

Create, Find and Interact with Golf Groups

Form personal groups with friends, organize golf activities and share your experiences together. Find and join other golf groups (courses, clubs, associations) aligned with your preferences or passions.

Organize Your Golf Calendar

Schedule and track personal, friend and group events with GOGI’s event planning tools. Sync events to your Outlook, Google and other calendars.

Get Matched with Golfers and Instructors

Find other golfers with similar playing ability and filter by friendships, location and courses played.

Find and filter golf instructors by friendships, specialties, location, classification, availability and lesson types.

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